Trem Clean provide house cleaning services in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Adelaide, Sydney, and surrounding areas.

                           Why Trem Clean offers the best cleaning Service in Australia


                                                          Employment Vetting 

All our Cleaners are Vetted with full background check. As part of our employment process, all potential employees must go through the vetting process before they move onto the next stage of their Job application. Clearance certificate must be presented from the appropriate state authorities. 


We have developed a strong A-Z training process regarding our cleaning services. Our cleaners are expected to be competent with our training before they can be sent out to carry out their cleaning chore. Trem Clean training is not a one off; it is ongoing to ensure that we achieve consistent result with our customers. The Cleaning process has been simplified to ensure that the steps are easy to follow and at every time the cleaners know exactly what to do.


After cleaners become competent in Cleaning, they are paired with very experienced cleaning team, and get fully engaged with the practical aspect of cleaning. When they become excellent in the field, only then we can confidently send them to clean our client home.


We constantly provide feedback to our cleaners so that they can measure how they are progressing in their feed.


Due to constant recommendation from our existing client base, Trem Clean has expanded the cleaning areas they cover. Our Services currently cover the following areas and we will provide further updates as we expand further;